• $1,499.99

Gauge Design Muscle Back Iron(Japanese Made)

Our new USGA conforming irons. 3-PW muscle back iron set.The lower center of gravity iron with larger sole promotes a strong ball flight with slight offset allows for increased ease of play for higher handicap players. This combination provides a very solid and unique feel with the workability of a true muscle back.

The Japanese Made Gauge Muscle Back Iron is very much a players club but also is very playable for a 15 or lower handicapper who wishes to play a traditional looking iron with amazing lines and feel. The forging process from S25C carbon steel is the best for feel than any other material in the industry.

The Head Only Price $1100.  Contact direct for shaft options.  PH: 760-591-9869

3          21         60       242g          3.8mm
4          24         60.5    249g          3.5mm
5          27         61       256g          3.3mm
6          31         61.5    263g          3.0mm
7          35         62       270g          2.7mm
8          39         62.5    277g          2.4mm
9          44         63       284g          1.9mm
PW      47         63.5    291g           1.6mm
TIP 355

*Std Shaft is Dynamic Gold. Additional fee might apply for other shaft options.